Occasionally, I remove your brain through your nose


Published by Poet Republik, cover art by Kate Micucci 

& Hi! Quick updates:

On the eve of what would be Sylvia Plath’s 85th birthday, we are sharing a stunning poem by J. Hope Stein, who perfectly captures Sylvia’s internal battle between life as mother, lover, and poet and the torture of being resigned to the status of great man’s wife, despite the passion they shared

  – Lena Dunhan

  • Poetry International – an excerpt from The Inventor is in the latest monster issue of Poetry International. Ilya Kaminsky and his team in San Diego have outdone themselves with a wholly holly alive collection of work from poets too sacred to name. (but here is the HOT cover which lists them).


  • Poet Republik – I have a new chapbook called Occasionally, I remove your brain through your nose. Thanks To Maria Teutsch and Christine Hamm and River Atwood Tabor at Poet Republik, a brand new press  out of California, Brooklyn and Berlin that is taking the underground poetry scene by surprise like one of those sunshine hailstorms.
  • Kate Micucci  – My poems are the luckiest poems that ever were to be bouncing around inside the cover artwork of (a thousand thank yous) Kate Micucci
  • An excerpt from Occasionally, I remove your brain through your nose is up on the Poetry International website.  Also check out PI’s urgent correspondence from Ukraine and  Syria!
  • photo from a reading a few months ago at KGB Bar with my girl strapped to me. (I don’t think she will let me do that any more.)



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