i have a crush on you

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Poetry Crush “I have a crush on you” t-shirts (handmade by Todd Colby) &  The Book of Crushes (hand sewn by Sara Lefsyk) will be for sale this week at the CUNY Chapbook festival.  Here’s one up on Coldfront.

Here’s an interview I did about Poetry Crush chapbooks at the Poetry Society

Here is one of my poems “Ballad of Your Boss”  up at HTML Giant

& I was on the Poetry and Cruelty hotline podcast.

& I am now a Poetry Editor of Ping Pong – the official journal of the Henry Miller Library.  I love this pub and am happy to be an editor but sad that it means my poems won’t be in the issues!

& readings & &

  • April 3 @ 7 pm – Berl’s Poetry Shop in Brooklyn – -book release of My Resignation by Maureen Thorson with guests Joanna Penn Cooper & J. Hope Stein.
  • April 3 – Poetry Crush at the CUNY New York City Chapfest
  • May 5 – Ping-Pong in Paris – Shakespeare & co with Maria Teutsch
  • June 13 – Friday the 13th – Coven: 13 witches – Brooklyn, NY
  • July 27-28 – Poetry Crush Reading at the New York City Poetry Festival with Joanna Penn Cooper, Todd Colby, Joe Hall, Cheryl Quimba.  (It’s a featured reading on Coldfront)  Also I’ll be reading for Hyacinth Girl Press with Lisa Marie Basile, Sarah Kain Gutowski, and Dan Nowak.
  • September 18 @ Berl’s – Diana Arterian, Christine Neacole Kanownik, and J. Hope Stein
  • Oct 23– Emory University Bookstore , Atlanta, GA
  • Winter, 2015 – Parachute Poetry Festival, Coney Island, NY  (Installation of my Topsy the Elephant Poem where he was actually electrocuted.)

From Jared White’s introduction of me at Berl’s:

J Hope Stein is a pretty mysterious character and when I talk to the, um, poet person who is J Hope Stein about projects of hers such as her reading series slash blog slash journal slash publishing outfit Poetry Crush she talks as if these entities existed in a way before and without her, like they’re frequencies out there in the ether and she’s just this person from another world inadvertently tuning in and focusing on them. I want to credit her for her great ideas in this space but I feel like she may slip away as if the ideas took place in her other life… but I really do credit her a lot! The poetry crush project, for instance, is so admirable in the way that the crush is clearly her own overpowering crush on poetry and creativity but also how her energy and support and openness brings to light and celebrates other people’s crushes on each other. Also, how much more positive and sexy and fun to participate in a community of mutual crushing than like influence or advocacy or something dead like that – though of course crush also has something pretty violent. Her work – not only the pretty preposterous ee Cummings lampoon website eecattings – brings to mind Sianne Ngai’s fascinating exploration of cuteness and cuteness is partly about a performance of weakness, being crushable and how part of loving cute things is wanting to violate or destroy them. I think this is sort of at play in her work, which is often wondrous and scary. I think of a poem of hers like “The Inventor Dreams of a Woman” from her chap Mary (dancing girl) where she writes
“There is laughter in the grass,” said the Inventor. “There is loss in the grass and enough dead ants to fill a dump truck.” His pinky ambled in her mouth— tickled her gums & the back of her throat— scrambled an egg inside her & the woman felt a deep discussion in her psoas but still no laughter.”  more here



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