Few Things

Few things!

[mary] - cover - 51)  Reviews of [Mary]:

Thanks to Dan Shapiro for a thoughtful review of my chapbook [Mary] which is up at Poetry International. (Also on Poetry International—  check out Ilya Kaminsky’s beautiful and scary piece on the situation in Ukraine, which gives glimpse & voice to what’s happening on the ground through poems and correspondence.)

Thanks also to Laura Madeline Wiseman for this lovely review of my chapbook [Mary]: at Galatea

2.  Creative Community Review reviewed my reading at Myopic Books in Chicago last month.  & took a loch ness monster kinda picture of me.

3)  Thanks to Lisa Bourbeau for curating a fantastic issue of Talisman & including two of my Edison pieces:  Invention of the Electric Chair (about existential love & Edison’s invention of the electric chair) and Elephant (about existential love & Edison’s public electrocution of Topsy the Elephant).    This poem will be an installation this fall at the Parachute Festival on Coney Island where Edison’s demonstration actually took place.

4)  Thanks to Joe Hall for including one of my Edison pieces, which is about Edison losing his hearing and which  breaks off into Morse Code in the January Everyday Genius. Joe Hall has curated an eye-opening and diverse month at Everyday Genius, which really challenges the boundaries of what poetry can do on the internet.   The pieces take all forms:  forms I don’t even have names for.   Through urgent assortment & experimentation you can feel these pieces try & break through the computer screen.  There is something here that exemplifies and celebrates how strange & glorious it is to be a writer in this moment in time.   

5)  Book of Crushes 

IMG_3848This mysterious book of secret crushes is designed to be read aloud, but in hushed voice & by candlelight. (Poetry Crush, 2014)

Edited by J. Hope Stein

Artwork by Sara Lefsyk

Featuring:   Jennifer Knox on Walt Whitman,  Sara Lefsyk on Federico Garcia Lorca, J. Hope Stein on Sylvia Plath & Ted Hughes, Melissa Broder on Emily Dickinson,  Janaka Stucky on Jean Genet,  Joanna Penn Cooper on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,  Todd Colby on Mina Loy,  Kristy Bowen on James Franco,  Amy Lawless on Mariah Carey,  Rauan Klassnik on Ron Silliman, Noah Falck on Bill Murray, Leah Umanksy on Don Draper, Joe Hall on Edward Taylor,  Maria Teustch on Henry Miller, Monica McClure on Lindsey Lohan, Lauren Gordon on Brittany Spears, Brandon Brown on Amanda Bynes, Sampson Starkweather on Weekend at Bernies & Hamlet,  Janaka Stucky on Clarice Lispector, Joanna Penn Cooper on Wislawa Symborska, Victor D. Infante on Anne Sexton,  Christine Hamm on Marianne Moore, Lauren Hunter on Langston Hughes, Claude McKay, Countee Cullen, & Jean Toomer, Miracle Jones on Emma Lazarus & Julia Ward Howe, Sasha Fletcher on the presidents,  J. Hope Stein on Shakespeare.

6)  New from Poetry Crush Digital Publications!!!

May I Softly


May I Softly Walk:  The Santa Fe Journals

by Cheryl Quimba & Joe Hall

I feel so lucky to get to publish this gem by Joe Hall & Cheryl Quimba.  Click here to engage in the elegant trappings & wonder-nuggets & surprise of the joint-mind of Cheryl Quimba & Joe Hall. 


7)  Poetry Crush’s 3rd annual 10 Dead Poets I would Fuck , which was recommended on the Poetry Foundation blogis up & features: Miracle Jones,  Janaka Stucky, Jennifer L. Knox, Todd Colby,  Joanna Penn Cooper,  Lauren Hunter,Gregory Crosby, Lisa Marie Basile and Gabriel Don. 


crush-on-you_reasonably_small8)  Poetry Crush’s  Everyday is Valentine’s vol I & vol II , which was recommended by the Poetry Foundation blog, features pieces by:  Shane McCrae, Hannah Gamble, Paige Taggart, Amy Lawless, Todd Colby, Joanna Penn Cooper, Douglas Piccinnini, Jared White, Melissa Broder, Rauan Klassnik, Rena Mosteirin, Lee Ann Roripaugh & J. Hope Stein, Joe Hall, Cheryl Quimba, Joanna Penn Cooper, Leah Umansky, Larry Sawyer, Peter Kline, Brittany Perham, Sara Lefsyk, Gregory Crosby, Kristy Bowen, Maria Teutsch, not_I (Ana Bozicevic & Sophia Le Fraga), Sasha Fletcher, Lauren Hunter, DJ Dolack, Stephanie Berger, Justin Petropoulos, Erika Anderson.  

9) Immediate upcomings:



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