Corner Office, Chic Flix, Baz Luhrmann

corner office handsewn

Who knows how it’s March already, but it is:

Artist/Poet Sara Lefsyk handmade & sewed with genius fingers a limited new version of my chapbook Corner Office which will be available at the H_NGM_N BKS table at AWP.  I’m also going to read from it at the Ping Pong offsite reading.  Also, my chapbook [Mary]: will be at the Hyacinth Girl Press table.

Has everyone seen this Chic Flix Series on Delirius Hem curated by Jennifer Knox?  –I wrote something on the spooky/erotic Picnic at Hanging Rock.  Here’s a thing on Poetry Foundation about the series which includes essays from poets on film!   There are loads of great essays, as of today there are 66!:  Jennifer L. Knox on Gidget, Amanda Deutch on Gena Rowlands, Joanna Penn Cooper on Bell, Book & Candle, Tanya Larkin on The Women, David Lehman on Brief Encounter, Becca Klaver on Foxfire,  Amy Lawless on Young Adult & more!

Also, my short film The Inventor’s Last Breath screened at Greece’s first international poetry film festival last fall.  And next month I get to working on a new batch of pieces, including a piece on the public electrocution of Topsy the elephant by Thomas Edison.  Yes, there is footage.


LOTS of book reviews coming up on POETRYCRUSH. Leah Umansky, Leigh Stein, Christy Ann Reynolds, Joe Hall, Brian Henry, Carol Frost, Todd Colby, Laura Madeline Wiseman, Maria Garcia Teutsch, Hannah Gamble & more.  Also, the first Poetry Crush event will take place this May in Brooklyn as part of the week-long Henry Miller Festival. More info soon.  And there are 2 special issues of Poetry Crush coming soon:1) The Masked Ball – 10 Poets disguise themselves as Shakespearian characters. 2) Music Issue Volume 2.  – 10 poets speak about song lyrics.

But mostly I’ve been wishing I was Baz Luhrmann


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