12 Dead Poets (I would fuck)

Joe Hall reports on his confusing sexual encounter with pastor & colonial poet Edward Taylor;  Melissa Broder imagines the power & intricacies of Emily Dickinson’s vagina;  J. Hope Stein (me) finds a friend in Goethe and coins the phrase F&M as the new S&M;  Sara Lefsyk takes us on a lyrical surrealist journey with Lorca;  Maria Garcia Teutsch finds the sexual longings & healings of Henry Miller in the ocean tide;  Janaka Stucky gives us a heart-felt & hot-shamed love poem for Jean Genet;  Leah Umansky writes of her forbidden love for John Donne;  Gregory Crosby pens a tender address to the life, writing,  hardships & full woman-ness of Marina Tsvetaeva;  Lauren Gordon‘s heavenly homage gets Longfellowy with Longfellow;  Kristy Bowen meditates on T. S. Eliot & the cruelness of April in an intimate letter;  Joanna Penn Cooper reflects on crush Rainer Rilke at 2 points in her life, getting to the essence of what our crushes say about us in different stages of our lives;  and last but not least – Susan Yount contemplates halloween favorite – Edgar Allan Poe & the Bells!

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POETRY FOUNDATION calls us “creepy”


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