Dancing Girl Press, Poetry Crush, NYC Poetry Fest

Thanks so much to Kristy Bowen at Dancing Girl Press who made this beautiful broadside with my poem Invention of The Phonograph from the chapbook [Talking Doll]: – using the illustration from the cover by Sara Lefsyk.  This will be available at The Printers’ Ball event in Chicago this week – I wish I could go! Looks loads of fun for paper-lovers & the like.

Kristy also did a great interview at Laura Madeline Wiseman‘s site – The Chapbook Interview, which also got picked up by Poetry Foundation.  (I did an interview at The Chapbook Interview last month)  In Kristy’s interview she says,  “…publishing moves further and further away from paper and the handmade-ness of books and book objects, the more I move toward them.”   ( she also gives my chapbook [Talking Doll]: a sweet shout-out!  Thanks Kristy!)

What Kristy contributes to the poetry community and the way in which she does it — with such remarkable positive vibes, is really special. —  Here’s Poetry Crush’s – Hey Kristy, what are you reading?


POETRY CRUSH! — Triple Book Crush:  Jenny Zhang, Rena Mosteirin, Christine Hamm– Also! Follow @poetrycrush on twitter — that just launched yesterday.   And – a new Music Issue and the 2nd annual “10 Dead Poets (I would fuck)” issues in the works.

NYC POETRY FEST July 21, 2:40 pm THE ALGONQUIN:  Stain of Poetry Reading:  Todd Colby, Claire Donato and Melissa Broder — hosted by Joanna Penn Cooper &  J. Hope Stein.

Also! A bunch of great readers coming up this fall – we are still booking — but so far:    Joe Hall, Dolan Morgan, Brenda Coultas, Todd Colby (again!), Leigh Stein, Christopher DeWeese, Jennifer Knox, Jordan Stempleton, Shanna Compton, Sandra Simonds, Christie Ann Reynolds, Douglas Piccinnini & much more in the works.   So happy be a co-host/curator of the Stain of Poetry Reading Series along with Jenny ZhangJoanna Penn Cooper and Erika Moya!



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