Inventor’s Last Breath, Stain of Poetry, Poetry Crush

1  Inventor’s Last Breath update

Thanks Alice James Books for naming The Inventor’s Last Breath as a semifinalist for the Beatrice Hawley Award!  Meanwhile, I’ve been playing around with aspects & characters of The Inventor’s Last Breath, which is about an Inventor character based loosely on Thomas Edison —

The 1st installation of The Inventor’s Last Breath is a short film by the same title.  You can see excerpts here at Moving Poems and here at Prick of Spindle.  All the images and music are from Thomas Edison’s early movie image and sound recordings.

The 2nd installation of  The Inventor’s Last Breath is a chapbook called  [Talking Doll] (Dancing Girl Press, 2012) — Told from the perspective of a talking doll — one of Thomas Edison’s inventions.  There is an interview here by Laura Madeline Wiseman and here by Jillian Mukavetz and a review here by Maria Garcia Teutsch.

The 3rd installation of The Inventor’s Last Breath is the chapbook [Mary] which is from the perspective of the Inventor’s wife, Mary.  It will be published this summer by Hyacinth Girl Press You can see excerpts here at PI Reports and another here.

The 4th installation of The Inventor’s Last Breath will appear here on my own site shortly.  It’s called Conglomerate and it’s an interactive long poem derived entirely from archived newspaper spanning the life of Thomas Edison – from the American Civil War to The Great Depression.

2  Dancing Girl Press Reading in ChicagoI’ll be reading in Chicago on June 16 at Edge Gallery with Laura Goldstein, Tricia Taaca and Laura Madeline Wiseman.

3  The Poetry Crush Music Issue was recommended by the Hair Pin and Poetry Foundation.   It features James Harms on Mark Eitzel, Maria Teutsch on Radiohead, Niina Pollari on Joni Mitchell, Ryan Mihaly on Cass McCombs, Joanna Penn Cooper on Will Oldham, Gregory Crosby on the Mountain Goats, Tony Bonds on Joanna Newsom, Erika Moya on Leonard Cohen and Nina Simone, Kristy Bowen on Tori Amos & more.

Coming up this week on Poetry Crush:  Book reviews of:   Echo Park by Christine Hamm, Dear Jenny We Are All Find by Jenny Zhang and Nick Trail’s Thumb, a novella by Rena Mosteirin.

Also in the works:  An essay I’m writing which examines chemistry (sometimes bumpy)  in artistic collaboration:  Rodin & Camille Claudel, Fleetwood Mac, Swell Season, and others, including my imagined story of an affair between Byron & Mary Shelley.

Also Poetry Crush Music Issue vol II. later this summer.

4  Stain of Poetry Reading Series:  Runner-up for L Magazine‘s “2011 Best Reading Series” in Brooklyn, Stain of Poetry showcases a mix of “weirdo and beautiful poets,” (BlackBook magazine).  Readings are held on the last Friday of every month (7 – 9 p.m.) at the beloved Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn.   The series is curated by poets Erika Moya, Joanna Penn Cooper, Jenny Zhang and J. Hope Stein.

Former hosts include founders Amy King and Ana Bozicevic as well as Christie Ann Reynolds and Steven Karl.

Upcoming events (lots more in the works)

Popscicle Festival– June 23

Host:  Erika Moya, Joanna Penn Cooper
Readers:  Jenny Zhang, Mike Lala, Dan Magers

Stain of Poetry Reading Series– June 29

Hosts:  Joanna Penn Cooper, J. Hope Stein

Readers:  Loren Erdrich, Rebecca Howell, Monica Hand, Aubrie Marrin

NY Poetry Festival – July 21–  2:40 on The Algonquin

Hosts:  Joanna Penn Cooper, J. Hope Stein
Readers:  Melissa Border, Todd Colby, Claire Donato


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