[Talking Doll] Chapbook

1) My new chapbook Talking Doll from Dancing Girl Press – thanks to Sara Lefsyk for the cover illustration which is pulled from an iphone photograph I took of a handmade postcard she once sent me in the mail.   Many thanks to Kristy Bowen at Dancing Girl Press.  Lots of other great chapbooks up there:   Joanna Penn Cooper, Sarah Sloat

2)  Here’s an interview I did with Jillian Mukavetz at  Women’s Quarterly Conversation in which I touch on some things I usually don’t get into.

3)  Poetry Crush has become my new way of asking people what they’re reading and what poetry they recommend:  Valentine Issue,  Hey James Harms, What are you reading?  Hey Kristy Bowen what are you reading?

4)  February-March Readings.

    • Chicago/AWP off site—   March 1 |  5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Chicago Poetry Center – Reading with people I love.  Friends and teachers.
    • Chicago/AWP offsite— March 3|  6:00-8:00 p.m. Dancing Girl Press – this is a chapbook signing actually.
    • North Hampton, MA/ Naugatuck River Review – March 10th |  2 – 4:30pm at the Forbes Library, 20 West St.

5)  Caldera.  I spent most of January at an artist residency in a cabin in a volcanic caldera in the central mountains of Oregon.  This was the greatest gift to my work and my person.   More about this later… but I found these 2 videos made by Suniti Dernovsek  who is a brilliant dancer choreographer  whose cabin was next door to mine and this captures so much of what was magical in life at Caldera

this one is called:  This is how we disappear

this one is called:  snow day

6)  My poem ” Invention of the Phonograph”  is in the Winter 2012 Issue of Naugatuck River Review.


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